Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why Life is not fair

If survival is only for the fittest then all men weren't created equal.

- Xenocrates
Survival is only for the fittest. No exceptions.

Life is all about survival. Survival is all about competition. There would be no point to there being a competition if we all were made exactly identical to each other. We may all be of the same general design, but where the environment is concerned, some of us are much better implemented than others. That's why only the fittest will survive while even the fit, will perish.

Why Women Play Games

Women use men to validate their sexuality while men use women to satiate theirs.

— Xenocrates
She's having more fun than they think they are.
There are many situations I've heard of where guys complain that romance often feels like a game of sorts. Why can't a guy simply approach a woman and indicate his intentions without having to jump through hoops and play these silly (perhaps even childish) mind games? Of a truth, women do appear to play needless mind games, but who says you have to play along?