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The Underrated Black Woman

...a beautiful woman is often a happy woman, even though happy women are rarely beautiful.


You’re pretty – for a black girl”. This is back handed a compliment I hear all too often in the black community. Apparently it’s not good enough to just be a pretty girl, since being black seems to make the whole idea an oxymoron. The expression automatically implies that black girls do not carry the genetic capacity to be pretty. It suggests that in the hierarchy of beauty, black women rank dead last. Is this even remotely true? Are black women intrinsically ugly? There is hypocrisy at work here, and not surprisingly, it isn't being largely propagated by men.


The Fallacy of Racial Beauty

It is a common assumption that the standard of beauty in Western Civilization is considered to be European. While we more or less accept that to some extent due to historical events, every culture maintains some idiosyncratic variation on the European theme. Some deviate from that altogether, which challenges the original premise: Is beauty a European standard?

Every human being carries some basic ephemeral, perhaps genetically propagated, socially contrived understanding of that which is beautiful. It was not taught to us. Our environment merely modified that inbred perception. So while each culture has their standards of beauty, there are some primary factors  in beauty which are more or less common across all cultures.

Even so, in each social group across the world, people spend more of their time with their society's own expression of the opposite sex. Once one is drenched in that local expression through their years of puberty, that particular expression becomes a fixation for much of their adult lives, to the point where exotic expressions of the opposite sex are much less appealing.

This is why most most men of virtually every human phenotype will instinctively prefer women of their own phenotype. So most black men will nitpick at why they think white women aren't attractive, while most white men will do the same for black women. Thus this silly practice of criticizing women of another phenotype is childish, because it is based on a lack of immersion.

The only reason why any man can find any woman of any phenotype attractive is because of immersion among that phenotype. This is why white men living in countries populated largely by black people often marry black women and why some black men living in America have developed a taste for white women. It has positively nothing to do with anything intrinsic to that particular phenotype. We only have that perception because of where we currently live.

I'm not particularly drawn to Asian women, save for Japanese girls. I've had a lot of exposure to simply gorgeous Japanese women. However, I cared nothing for any other Asian female. But After spending two months in China and not sustaining a single erection for the majority of my stay, I was quite surprised when a Chinese nurse spontaneously captured my attention.

There is nothing particularly special about the woman, but at the time I thought differently. What was happening to me was that Chinese women were slowly but subconsciously growing on me, even though I was positively certain before visiting China that I did not find them to be attractive. The same effect happens to men who visit from exotic foreign cultures all the time.

Once you become immersed in an environment where you are only exposed to females of a particular phenotype for a long enough period, you go through a cognitive adjustment phase, similar to your pupils adjusting to the new level of light when you walk outside a darkened building. With enough immersion, a man will soon swear by that kind of woman like any other.

A matter of Perception

Anteah Suttle - an example of the marketed black woman's image
The Marketed image of the sexy black woman
So why are black women being shafted? Is it because they’re black? Hardly. Black women are in a particularly curious position because of their ethnicity and because they are a minority and because they are women. The reason why black women are given such a hard time has more to do with a curious phenomenon that affects the way our minds interpret patterns in nature.

If you find the most beautiful white woman and stick her into the middle of thousands of the most beautiful black women you can find around the world, a very interesting thing will start to happen. You will soon start to find flaws in the white woman, even though she's the most beautiful one in the world. If the experiment should be reversed, (thousands of the world's most beautiful white women, with the most beautiful black woman in the middle), the effect is exactly the same. Only this time, it is the black woman whose flaws that will begin to emerge.

This is what happens in the west.

This effect is similar to how your mind helplessly focuses on a tiny stain on an immaculate white cloth. Your mind quickly adjusts and gives greater credence to the larger pattern in the field. The effect can be replicated with just about anything. The larger emergent field pattern automatically accentuates any deviation from it, and so your mind automatically focuses on it.

Any break from that pattern becomes a disruption to your cognitive field of perception. What your mind tries to do after that is to subconsciously remove the blemish from your field of vision. This is exactly what is happening with black women (well, black people in the west, but I digress) and is what feeds virtually every negative social stereotype that surrounds them.

For example:

Black women are less attractive than white women.

By the simple laws of probability, most women of any phenotype are not very attractive. When last have you seen an ugly woman of any phenotype on TV outside of the news? By virtue of being black, black women are a minority. Thus mathematically, it is far less probable to encounter a beautiful black woman as opposed to a beautiful white woman. Either way, the ratio of beautiful vs. plain remains exactly the same in each phenotype.

On average, black women are more overweight than white women.

All women carry an extra layer of fat around the mid section for supporting pregnancy. So the propensity for being overweight is much greater in women - all women. Furthermore, There are plenty of thin, super model sized black women out there. They are just not what the media chooses to highlight because they do not fit a preconceived stereotype.

Secondly, most of the black women shown in the media are either warped Photoshop sculptures or rare women with a disproportionally sized assets, purposefully selected to appeal specifically to the tastes of men of African descent. Similarly, most of the white women shown in the media are either severely carved down Photoshop sculptures or anorexic plastic surgery effigies selected specifically to appeal to white men. They are not real and most certainly do not represent the majority of what actually exists in nature.

Finally, the United States is considered the fattest country in the world. By virtue of the fact that the majority of its population is white, simply means that fat white women will vastly out number fat black ones. In fact, there are no black dominated countries on that list. This means that there are more fat white women than fat black women in the world.

Black women wear hair extensions, coloured contacts and bleach their skin to look white.

White women wear hair extensions, get tans, implants and inject Botox under the skin to achieve a fuller, golden brown, feminine texture. What black women are doing achieves more or less the same objective. While the practice is expensive and often dangerous for both phenotypes, the idea is not to look more like the other race. The idea is to achieve a universally perceived standard of beauty, which is not intrinsic to any given phenotype.

This is why in Asia, there is a preference for women who have less of the distinctive eye line features, why Japanese girls love to dye their hair brown and why face lift surgery is popular among Koreans. They're all subconsciously trying to achieve the same objective.

Black women are more aggressive than white women.

There is some truth to this, based on the fact that black women tend to have a higher level of testosterone than white women. This implies that women of most other modern phenotypes tend to be more docile in temperament than black women. Don't be misled. The higher level of testosterone has more health implications than temperament issues.

So if black women are so tough, who's going to love them? Why, men of course. A woman who is more aggressive doesn't automatically translate to less desirable. There are quite enough men who have sexual fantasies that less aggressive women are equally less willing to patronize. That's more of a function of culture over ethnicity. Concordantly, this variety is not intrinsically a bad thing. Nobody in Africa and North Western Europe seems to be complaining. It just proves that every market has its niche. Everything else is moot.

Black Women an Acquired Taste?

Sexy Black Women - not an acquired taste
No taste acquisition is needed for these shapely beauties.
I once heard a white man say that black women are an acquired taste. I chuckled a bit inside, just before I responded cheekily by saying: "Well of course they are. The entire black race was acquired." Everyone in the group (except the white folk) had a round of laughter after my comment, largely because it implicitly made reference to the age of slavery. Oh silly white boy.

Thus while I disagree that black women are an acquired taste, I'm pretty sure my German friend didn't know what he was talking about, even though I was perfectly aware of what he really meant. If he was right, every woman from every other human phenotype is an acquired taste to every man of any other phenotype. There is no real need to single out black women.

Thus my impetuous German colleague was suffering from a bit of tunnel vision. In his mind, he cannot understand how any man could desire a woman with such dark skin and no naturally occurring long hair as opposed to a shapeless, pale skinned woman with blue eyes. It is as if he thinks that a woman cannot be considered beautiful by virtue of the fact that she is black.

To many other men in every other human phenotype, Caucasian women are very much in the same way. Probably the majority of black men agree that white women are shapeless and pale. Some will go as far as to say that they cannot understand how any man could desire any woman that has no sizable buttocks, who is paper thin and as ghost white in appearance.

I've heard black men say the nastiest things about the ugliness of the white woman. Some part of me struggled with the idea, because I see all women as being beautiful - perhaps because I've traveled the world and have been exposed to many different exotic cultures. Thus, my German colleague is not the only one who is narrow minded. He, like many of his Caucasian ilk are not very different from the few black men who disparage all white women.

Any man who lacks the ability to appreciate women of any other phenotype (whether they are of his own or not) is not only exhibiting a preference, but a conspicuous lack of exposure. The reason why men desire one phenotype over another is largely due to his immersion among one phenotype as opposed to another. There is no such thing as beauty intrinsic to any race.

Black men in Africa categorically prefer black women. By contrast, black men in America have developed a taste for white women by virtue of exposure. Similarly, Japanese men seem to prefer their own women. Even though the few phenotypic differences between Japanese and Chinese women are negligible, Japanese men exhibit an identical type of stubborn preference.

Either way, it's the same DNA that makes men of all regions. The same thing is true for white men, Asian men and men of every other phenotype in between. Apropos, the idea that the black woman is intrinsically ugly is vacuous at best, and patently racist at worst. There are enough white men with a burning desire for a suitable black woman to dispel this nonsense.

Unfortunately, even though this phenomenon is not limited to white men, most people don't realize that it is the same phenomenon among black men. Every human phenotype has a minority of members that do not carry xenophobic propensities for humans of other exotic phenotypes. We do not notice these things because of the incessant media indoctrination.

While white women have been poisoned by the media to believe that men categorically prefer impossibly thin, tall, air headed females, black women have been poisoned by the same media to believe that men categorically prefer impossibly hipped, busty women with fairer skin and long, flowing hair. Now black women in particular believe this hype so much, that it has turned some of them into the most bigoted, racist, self hating, self deprecating people in the west.

And that’s where the idiocy begins.

The Racist Black Woman

I and a couple of male friends decided to share pictures among ourselves of what we thought were beautiful black women. Immediately, one of the black females who overheard our trite discussion protested with much disgust. What was her problem? Some of the women we named were not black enough. This girl took umbrage with our nomination of Christina Millian.

Why? She said Millian is latino. Yes – latino.

Christina Milian - not black enough.

While Christina Millian is certainly half Cuban – she is also certainly black. Anyone familiar with Cuba knows that it has a substantial black population. This girl's contention however, was that Millian's half Spanish roots makes disqualify her for consideration as a black woman. What this darker skinned woman really meant to say is that Millian failed the brown paper bag test.


The Brown Paper Bag Test

Black Americans (and by extension, many black people living in the west) have developed a standard of beauty that is an extension of the Universal standard. For many black folks, one cannot be considered beautifully black if they are lighter in complexion than a brown paper bag. For others, it’s the exact opposite way around. Isn’t dealing with racism enough as it is?

Concordantly, this petulant black woman went on to say that most of the women we put forward could not be considered black women, because they had fairer features or were conspicuously biracial. None of her distinctively fairer sisters chose to back her up – because they too fall into that category and would seem like hypocrites if they went out with us later.

It's hard to defend this woman, because many of the black women in the Caribbean are also biracial. In fact, one would be hard pressed to find a single black woman in countries like Trinidad, Jamaica and Dominica that doesn't have some Caucasian ancestry. It's strange how some whites are worried about the disappearance of Caucasians due to interracial unions, when the same thing is happening to black people in some parts of the world. It is nonsense.

Now to be fair, some of the women in the group of pictures we selected were certainly biracial, but no less conspicuously black. What she wanted to see was a particularly darker skinned woman in the mix. Try to remember that she was intruding on a conversation that was already under way between us guys. We eventually decided to expose her hypocrisy for the fun of it.

Halle Berry, Meagan Good, Zoe Saldana
These lovely black women aren't black enough by some standards.
Our conversation went more or less like this:

Halle Berry? Rejected: Biracial. Naomi Campbell? Rejected: Biracial. Zoë Saldana? Rejected: Biracial. Tyra Banks? Rejected: Biracial. Meagan Good? Rejected! Biracial! (it's getting a bit ridiculous at this point). Gabrielle Union? Accepted (finally!) but not without her making some kind of back handed comment about her hair not being real. The same was said of Beyoncé.

...and many, many others.

So let's get this straight: She thinks that any woman who is conspicuously black but too pretty cannot be considered a beautiful black woman because their multiracial ancestry negates their membership to the black race – yet she believes that these same women should get off their high horse and accept their black ethnicity since their white ancestry does not exclude them.

Right. Got it.

What's even more hilarious is that this woman has a naturally occurring body of hair that doesn't appear to be intrinsic to her phenotype. With the exception of her particularly darker complexion, the shape of her eyes and jaw line features are also not what one would normally see in black people. As it turns out, she has distant East Indian ancestry. Having studied some anthropology at the tertiary level, it was easy for me to pick out many of these characteristics.

Most black women envy her for the shape of her body, her eyes and her hair. Oddly enough, she claims to be unaware of any such envy. That further worsened the nature of her hypocrisy.

What our friend didn't realize is that she was saying something very clear about her stunted perception about herself and every other woman out there who shares her ethnicity. Firstly, she doesn't think that a multiracial person can consider themselves black. Secondly, she is implying by her argument that black women are less attractive without multiracial influence.

– influence from which she is not exempt.

She's not the only black woman I've met like that. I've met other black women who think that biracial couples who produce offspring are committing child abuse. Sadly, they don't seem to be of that opinion when their comb doesn't get stuck in the child's hair. I've met others who refused to date me because I had white female friends or because I was not a fan of hip-hop.

No, seriously.

The really sad part is that most black women who are guilty of these offenses are not even aware that they are contributing to the annihilation of their own self worth. I admit it is quite probably not their fault. In fact in most cases the issue didn't even begin with them. Never the less, we can only blame self hate and low self esteem for so long before it loses its credibility.

The Indoctrinated Black Woman

Whenever you turn on your television, we are bombarded with images of mostly beautiful people. Even the people who are selected as television journalists are among the best of what the gene pool has to offer. Popular culture spends a great deal of time accentuating these qualities as well. Consider this black female character from a fairly popular video game:

Dead or Alive Extreme Beach VolleyBall - Lisa

You see these kinds of representations in fantasy art and in pop culture all the time. Girls with a darker complexion never seem to carry any of the other features that would readily identify the fictional character as being particularly black. The more prominent features of a real black woman almost never seem to make it into fantasy art, while that of white women often do:

The character 'Lightning' from Final Fantasy XIII

What is shocking is that these brilliant works of art are being developed by skilled Japanese artists who are not limited in ability in accurately reproducing any human phenotype with fantastic digital accuracy. Yet strangely enough, even the Japanese fantasize of women who are Asian but with distinctively more Caucasian features as seen by these game characters:

Lenne and Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2

While the women depicted here have distinctively Asian qualities (note the cheeks, chin, jaw and the shape of the eyes) their more aesthetic qualities (the color of the eyes, hair and golden brown skin) are certainly not. This is how women are indoctrinated by the media, who then become life imitating art, imitating what men perceive to be beautiful. Notice that none of these computer generated renders look even remotely like any particular human phenotype.

Consider the recent Ms. World Pageant. It is common that women of South American, Indian and greater Caribbean descent make it into the top ten. Alongside them are fine specimens of the Aryan sub Caucasian phenotype. Now consider Haiti's candidates for the same pageant:

Sarodj Bertin Durocher (far right)

Sarodj Bertin Durocher (far right) and her competition for Ms. Haiti Universe (everyone else in the photo) pose for a publicity shot. The first thing that comes to mind is "What were the organizers thinking? - or were they thinking?" Probably not. Not only does Durocher know next to nothing about Haiti (aside from being born there), she spent most of her life living in the Dominican Republic. One wonders though what the girl in yellow was thinking while her less than enthusiastic stare showed her unamused expectation of the contest's probable outcome.

While this type of competition fixing is ludicrous on the surface, it also says that the Haitian people who organized this event feel the same way about the black race due to the contrast phenomenon I described earlier. Haiti, more than any other Caribbean nation, is nearly 100% black. I guess the Haitians felt some sense of justice in that Jamaica's Yendi Phillips (who is considerably more ethnically representative of Jamaica's population) had beat her effortlessly:

Yendi Phillips - Miss Jamaica

Unfortunately, you won't get a genetic specimen like Yendi without a significant amount of mixed ancestry which incidentally, is very common in Jamaica. While the shape of her nose and the tone of her skin are both characteristically black, nothing else about her is. While I can't say if that lovely lock of hair on her head was processed in any way (I'll rely on some vindictive black woman to inform me), it is probably her most envied asset among other black women.

Before the genetic distillation process that occurred during the millennia long migration out of Africa, all humans were of the same phenotype. There were no black people, no white people, no East Indians and no Asians. We all looked closer to what a Yendi Phillips or a Meagan Good looks like today, minus the extensive manicuring and generations of nutritional development.

The reason why we're seeing an increasing number of women of mixed ancestry at the top of the Miss World competition is because these women are more representative of the genetic average a universal standard that describes what a perfect human specimen looks like with less of the phenotypic distillation that occurred when humans had first migrated out of Africa.

Yendi Phillips and the many other women of her ilk are not perfect representations of this genetic average but they are pretty close. The natural appeal we get when we see a human specimen without that distilled phenotypic look is universal. We were all hard wired that way. Thus it is not surprising that it is mostly humans who look that way that fill up the spotlight.

That is the source of the indoctrination.

(I have actually covered this topic extensively in an older post called The Science of Beauty that goes into greater detail, including the Golden Ratio. So I will opt not go into much more detail here.)

The concern then is how this makes black women feel about themselves. Asking them to stop wearing hair extensions will be met with great angst. That's going to be a tough very case to make, since women do want the attention of men and men are programmed to prefer women who closest represent the genetic average. So what are they to do then? Walk around with unflattering, uncooperative hair? That won't work either. No one likes that feeling of insecurity.

There are beautiful black women all over the world who you would certainly never confuse with a woman of biracial descent who have not gone as far as to use modifications such as hair extensions to create some misrepresentation of their appearance. All that they've done is to accentuate those features that flatter them the most, exploiting them to their advantage.
Sade Buckeridge by Simeon Hedge
Photo Courtesy: Simeon Hedge
When we look at a black woman and her lack of features present in Caucasians and Asians, we are inclined to think that she is cursed by nature, completely forgetting the many white and Asian women who are equally less endowed. The media repeatedly serves up images of carved up porcelain dolls that we believe to be these women in their natural state, while obscuring other photos of the same women taken without make-up or before plastic surgery.

The same thing happens in the Orient. In my recent visit to China, Chinese women remarked how many of their billboards and advertisements use Japanese and Korean women who've undergone the knife. You can tell they had plastic surgery by the fact that their children either look nothing like them or are still aesthetically challenged. In other words; they're quite ugly.

The Loveless Black Woman

German Interracial Couple
My German friend has chosen from across the Atlantic
While there are a number of black men willing to experiment with a woman of another race, it seems that black women are considerably less willing to do so. If one should consider that young black men naturally have a higher level of testosterone than young white men, it is not hard to see why they could appeal to women of virtually any race, despite the obvious risks.

The young black men that many young black women gravitate towards are often the jobless, gang banging, drug pushing, gangsta rapping, ex-convict thugs who knock them up multiple times, then dump them with five kids only to run off with a white woman. They would rather settle for that than a white male who is statistically more likely to be the opposite of all these.

The higher testosterone levels in black men may increase their sex appeal to all women, but it also renders them at a far higher risk of prostate cancer and criminal activity. While white men have their flaws too, these two particularly notable risk factors lack the same level of ubiquity among them. But this flaw is not specific to black women as women generally love bad boys.

Black women just love the baddest of them all.

The converse is that while there are certainly white men dating black women, they are a much smaller percentage of the white population in the US than the percentage of black men dating non black women. This statistic can be explained by two notable factors. Firstly, black women are less willing to date white men — but it does not mean more white men would not want to.

Secondly, it suggests that black women don't have the ubiquitous appeal of white women, who every male phenotype seems to be able to appreciate. One wonders however, how much of this appreciation is attributable to the world being conquered by white men? We see white women on television so often, that it's not much of a stretch to ultimately desire to have one.

That is just immersion at work.

The Blind Eye of the Beholder

Every heterosexual man would react the same way to this woman.
Before you get onto a pity wagon for black women, try to understand a few salient points:
  1. Black women aren't going extinct. So somebody out there must be loving them.
  2. Black women do revel in their femininity – no less than any other woman.
  3. Black women want all the same things as virtually every other woman.
  4. Black women are just as emotionally flawed as every other woman.
  5. Black women are not substantially different from most others.
White men in certain US circles are frightened of expressing their desire for a black woman because of the racially polarized atmosphere, as well as the perception that she is just a fantasy and not a true desire. Surprise, surprise, there are many white women who think exactly the same thing of black men chasing after them. But they do not get any such publicity.

Hmm... I wonder why.

We live in a world that is largely run by white men. It is therefore not surprising that for years, the standard of female beauty has leaned conspicuously away from phenotypes with darker complexions. With the repeated bombardment of media indoctrination, it's not just black men who are led to believe that their own female counterparts are wanting. The problem is global.

Black women only appear to be somehow disenfranchised because of western ideology – to the point where even they believe the lies. The lies are so obvious, that some have even argued that it is a deliberate ploy by the white man to achieve various nefarious objectives. While I cannot attest to the veracity of such claims, the effect of the indoctrination is very real.

Either way, know this: Black women are no less desirable than women of any other human phenotype. Any argument against such is based on fatuous logic. If we were to use just raw numbers to certify this claim, then the simple fact that black populations will soon out number whites world wide is enough. Even so, the United States is not the world. European and Asian men have been suiting black women for years. You just won't see that sort of thing on TV like how you have never heard of the war in Congo until recently — it lacks any sensational value.

Who loves black women? Heterosexual men. It's that simple. Thus any man who is naturally inclined to desire women can be inclined to sexually desire black women. The converse is also true. The xenophobia we experience because of our phenotypic differences can be very easily overcome with a little exposure. That's why black men who grew up in white neighborhoods could develop a taste for white women. Any counterargument forgets that we are all human.

We are taught by the media (and in many cases by the same women who are victims of it) that to be beautiful, one has to look less like one race and more like another. The truth is that each race is a distillation of the original race of humans and we're subconsciously trying to recreate that. White and black women are trying to merge towards some phenotypic center.

Men who love white women are not necessarily enamored by their phenotypic qualities. The same can be said of men who desire women of every other phenotype. There is no "acquired taste". That is utter nonsense. Once one is a heterosexual male, the taste was always there to begin with. You just had to learn to adjust your vision. Constant immersion among women of any phenotype will eventually produce exactly the same reaction in all heterosexual males:

An erect penis.

Men who love their women with the porcelain appeal of a white woman are no less capable of appreciating ladies from the Dark Continent. You are not sexually locked in to any phenotype - whether you realize it or not. Men seem to forget that their libido is far less discriminative than their personal prejudices. Any man who makes the claim to be completely devoid of the ability to be sexually attracted to a woman because of her phenotype is either incredibly naive or still wrestling with his sexuality. Sexual desire doesn't discriminate, even if you actively choose to.

Such is the nature of the blind eye of the beholder.


Black women only appear to be maligned because of the media bombardment, their western immersion, and their own subsequent indoctrination. This ultimately creates a vicious cycle of life imitating art criticizing life. However, the new shift in phenotypes represented on today's catwalk is a showing of hope. It is not a certification of affirmative action. Rather, it is proof that the human race is slowly evolving out of its dated cultural prejudices for dominant races.

The world would have us believe that a woman cannot be happy unless she is beautiful. Thus, it assumes that black women by extension aren't happy by painting us a picture of an angry black woman. A beautiful woman is often a happy woman, even though happy women are rarely beautiful. That is because beauty is mathematically less probable than happiness. The rest is utter rubbish. Black women are very beautiful creatures whether you can see it or not.

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  1. Its expected to have these negatives views of black women in societies that hate black people, so will it be natural for white women to be hated and blackmailed in societies that hates white people. Its just how it is but factually all women are the same, zero difference.
    As for me I prefer black women because they are my standard of womanhood being from Africa, if we had colonized Europeans probably i would treat white women the same, but we did not.

  2. I think I read this at the right moment,it has curbed my depression and it makes scientific sense.
    I am a young, Black British girl and I was pretty much rejected by a Filipino boy that I genuinely like, because he says that he prefers white girls. Even though talking to him he has never been in a serious relationship with the so called white girls that he has been with, and I can pretty much tell him why. Because they are genuinely not interested in him, the way that I am.
    But having said that, he has never been with a black girl or any other race girl for that matter. We both go to the same University, see each other nearly everyday and we will still have a whole year on the course together. Does that mean over time I might have a chance with him? Or change his mind just a little bit?
    Its just recently he made a comment about how he doesn't like Afro hair, preferring straight hair, and my hair is 100% natural Afro hair. I do not get offended often, but I was really hurt by his comment, and my retort back was, "Well all natural hair, even Caucasian tends to have a natural kink, so the kind of hair you prefer isn't straight!"
    I'm not sure where I am going with this, but comments like that tend to really hurt me, and I feel like I am not good enough for any race, Black, White, Asian etc.
    But reading this has helped me understand things a little better I guess.

    1. rumdrunkmonkey, why waste your time with a guy like that. Afro hair is beautiful and you can do a variety of hairstyles that women of other race can't do. Your hair is unique, if he doesn't like it...move on. Plenty of others will.

      he doesn't deserve you.

  3. i disagree that black women have more testosterone naturally and since when is megan good biracial? But good article otherwise


  4. Black people generally have a higher level of testosterone. It's a scientific fact. It's why we tend to outperform other races at sports and why certain hyper aggressive forms of cancer only occur on blacks.

  5. Very amusing, and yet, some inaccurate comments!
    First, I'm white, and love all beautiful women, who, if they happen to be of a particular race, is of no importance, beyond the visual. This is referred to as 'Objectification!'...merely judging on appearance alone.
    Having had relationships with many 'Black' women, and formerly married for 17 yrs. to a black woman, I consider them women first!
    Xenocrates, it is a scientific fact that 'Blacks' muscles are 'knitted' tighter than all other races, which gives them faster reflexes, hence they are better in sports where that is required, example - basketball, boxing, and sprints etc.!
    White however excel in endurance, as many events will attest!
    Inuit, or Eskimos as we call them, endure cold much better than any of the rest of us.
    The point is, we are all human,each with different characteristics and with a soul in each of us, and its this inside person who needs be addressed and appreciated.
    Life is too short to ignore and restrict your views according to society and your peers ignorant perceptions.
    Our points of view about other races will diminish in time and future humans will view it as absurd!
    Recognizing that all races need fulfill some obscure reasoning as to whom they are, it does no one justice do to so at the expense of another, it just diminishes who you are as a person.
    Each of us, if removed and resettled when we were 1 yr.old, would speak, read, write, and think as the others in our adopted homeland, family and society! Therefore we are programmable, and as adults, responsible for educating ourselves and re-programming our thinking to be more social acceptable to all people of earth, and part of that is understanding, accepting, and if possible educating those who differ in an opinion which reflects a less enlightened viewpoint!
    People are people, anywhere you go.

    That being said..."BLACK WOMAN ROCK and are SMOKIN' HOT EYE CANDY!!"

  6. Nia Long is the actress I was referring to previously. She is beautiful! :-)