Wednesday, January 18, 2012


UPDATE: After an unprecedented campaign across the internet, politicians have finally decided to withdraw the SOPA/PIPA bill. In what has got to be the most co-ordinated protest across the web (thanks in large part to social networking), a grand rally made by many large online websites (including Wikipedia among others), put so much pressure on congress that they didn't have a choice but to kill the bill. I have a pretty good idea of how software piracy on the internet can be defeated and it has nothing to do with punishing (or blocking) anyone.

More details in a future post.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Impending Extinction of Marriage (Part 2 of 2)

Marriage is as relevant today as the horse drawn carriage.


How convenient.
The biggest problem with the institution of marriage likely has very little to do with what we're doing wrong with marriage as opposed to marriage itself. If you're having marital problems, you may want to consider the fact that marriage is fairly antiquated. In this post, I will cover the remaining five of the top ten issues with the popular concept of marriage and why they are now a recurring cause of failure in marital relationships as our societies continue to evolve.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Impending Extinction of Marriage (Part 1 of 2)

Everyone falls in love with wedding days, but few of us fall in love with marriage.


Marriage is dying. Studies show that marriage is on the decline all over the world. More and more people are opting out of being married. The number of people who are married in the most developed societies around the world are at an all time low. But as you'll note from the above linked article, this is not a cyclical trend. Marriage has been on a steady decline since the 1950's. What gives? I explore this phenomenon in this post about the slow death of love.