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The Anatomy of Racism (Part 2 of 4)

The history of Africa is the story of God's most cruel joke on mankind.

Workers on a diamond field in Africa. These diamonds will go onto the fingers and around the necks of rich white Caucasians. So how exactly did the home of black people become the treasure vault of white people?

Racism affects everyone. However, there is probably no group that knows the sting of racism better than black Africans and their descendants living in the first world diaspora. Why does it seem that black people are targeted by other races? They have been enslaved at least five times in world history (more than any other human phenotype) and have been victims of the longest running human violation in history. Why is this the case? I discuss the answer to this rather tantalizing question in this post. It seems that nature is far more cruel than we know.


The answer to this question is has a lot to do with how genetics work. It isn't because black people are naturally more aggressive (what with their higher levels of testosterone). It isn't because they're not as smart as their Caucasian or Asian counterparts. It has nothing to do with perceptions of aesthetic fairness either as racism affects every single human phenotype. Black people have had considerably more racism than other phenotypes because it is really:

A matter of Evolution

Some 370,000 years ago, Neanderthals roamed Europe. They were the penultimate species of humans to leave Africa. Shortly before the reign of Neanderthals came to an end, a new breed of human walked out of Africa. They were not as big, nor did they have as large a brain. But what they had was the perfect permutation of physicality that made them much more adaptive than Neanderthals. Anthropologists largely agree that these first people were black Africans.

Black people are the original phenotype (some would say the base phenotype) of the current species of modern men. The DNA of Black People is so diverse (especially within the Khoisan people of central Africa), that it contains the potential of all of the possible mutations that would eventually emerge in the millennia that followed. While there is some dispute about the coexistence of separate branches of hominids in Asia and Africa, that theory has less support.

In other words, black people are actually the earliest iteration of Homo Sapiens, also known as modern humans. This means that every black person you see today is a remnant of the earliest surviving permutation of modern man that eventually overcame Neanderthals as the dominant species. Over the last 70,000 years, genetic mutations ran amok as modern man left Africa, with each successive genetic mutation being considerably less diverse than the last.

Today, modern man, aka homo sapiens, has many more phenotypes than the original dark skinned phenotype that stood more upright than any other previous species. This is deeply rooted in the rich genetic diversity of the original DNA pool that was manifest as black people. That is why today it is much more likely for a black couple to have white babies (this is when evolution leaps forward) than vice versa. The DNA of black people is that rich in its diversity.

This one to many relationship between black Africans and the other later phenotypes sheds new light on the extremely rich genetic diversity inherent in the black DNA. It has the potential for many, many beautiful phenotypic manifestations. That is in and of itself a very beautiful thing. However, when you're several thousand mutations in, that beauty can be pretty hard to see for the same reasons an Apple II (circa 1977) is no comparison to an iPad 2 (circa 2011).

Apropos, the oppression of black people is not only functionally tied to their skin colour, but to the age of the phenotype as well. While anthropologists like J.P. Rushton suggest through flawed studies that the craniometry of black men suggests inferiority, the key differences in technological and social advancement between the earliest human phenotype and its more sophisticated modern variations probably has much more to do with its evolutionary mutation.

If the craniometric differences between black men and other races was fool proof evidence of inferiority, then we would not have black people participating in any field that is traditionally dominated by brilliant white men (however minuscule that participation). The converse is true of white men in terms of their performance in sports and other areas traditionally dominated by black men. The mutations may have affected Caucasians to a greater degree than Negroes, (that is unavoidably obvious), but they were not in any way exclusive to Caucasians.

Evolution never runs backward as this is counter productive to the survival of the entire human species (or any other animal species for that matter). Therefore it makes sense that in the evolutionary process that the youngest phenotypes (and in this case, that would be white Caucasians) would exhibit social and technological characteristics that vastly differentiate them from the oldest phenotypes. That's why social development appears to be greater in Caucasian controlled first world countries than the many Black controlled third world countries.

It is important to mention at this point that this in no way suggests any intrinsic superiority in Caucasian phentoypes since the developmental process has to be environmentally facilitated as well. This is what ultimately triggers the necessary mutations. This is why members of other human phenotypes tend to have similar levels of development once they participate in the same environmental conditioning opportunities, even if massive performance gaps still persist.

The problem gets exponentially more complex when you consider the fact that later mutations of modern humans advanced more rapidly than their earlier phenotypes. They had developed the brain power that enabled them to build cities, governments, and modes of transport that would seem like magic to their earlier cousins in Africa. In fact, to say that men evolved out of Africa only to return to plunder it much later is not only factual, but is in a sense, cruelly poetic.

The Great Rape of Africa

Bishop T.D. Jakes — the finest example of how a white man's religion has evolved descendants of voodoo priests. This is not an inherently bad thing. It just shows how pervasive European culture has truly become.

While racism is not unique to black folk, it is certainly more familiar to them (and perhaps more documented about them). While dark skinned Indians and the Aborigine tribes of Australia have undergone similar levels of human depravity, no other group of humans has undergone as sustained a human rights abuse as black Africans. Over the course of history, Africa has been the go-to place for slaves for at least 4 major world empires, none of which were black.

For the Greek, Persian, Roman and perhaps most prolificly, the British empire, Black Africans have been a source of everything from gladiators to cotton pickers. This is not even counting the many European exploits of the French, Portuguese and Dutch in between the greedy fingers of the British. It is no small wonder then that much of what is indigenous to black culture and history has been eroded by the wanton, indiscriminate plunder of the continent.

Even though the rape of Africa was finally repealed back in the late 1980's, black Africans have largely become Europeanized, speaking multiple European languages, having a number of pseudo European cultural idiosyncrasies, taking up European religions, becoming dependent on European states, migrating to European states, and viewing the world with European eyes.

It is commonly said that history is written through the eyes of the winners and there is no exception to that rule here. Much of what we know about human history was documented either by Europeans or at least descendants of Europeans. Only recently since they have grown a conscience about their previous methods have they now chosen to reveal just how bad their fore fathers were (and consequently, just how deep this cultural indoctrination goes).

To be fair however, there were many barbaric practices among indigenous African tribes that have largely been undone by European indoctrination. Everything from the replacement of the indigenous Voodoo religion with Christianity (even though some mutations of both still exist), to other practices that saw the death of innocent women and children. Europeans have also introduced democratic systems of government and languages that are now tools of commerce.

Europeans have also invested heavily in the development of many African states, bringing them leaps and bounds into the future where those investments paid off. They have greatly introduced science and technology, modern medicine (and some conspiracy theorists suggest, even modern disease), hospitals, schools, roads, and a great deal of modern infrastructure. So European indoctrination is not all bad. Africa has come a long way since its initial invasion.

Then again, one could have also argued that such a statement is directly a result of European indoctrination. A suitable counter argument then would be that Afrocentric views are equally biased, glossing over the many barbaric practices that still thrive in Africa today, as well as conveniently omitting the fact that the great slave trade would not have been possible had Africans not sold their own into slavery without coercion. Yes, history is written by winners.

The rest is cognitive dissonance.

When you really think about it, mankind originated in Africa, left Africa to populate the rest of the world, returned to Africa with a vengeance, and plundered it mercilessly. What's even worse is that Africa is the single most mineral rich land on the planet. Technically, black people should be the richest people in the world, but nature granted the knowledge and know how to mutations of man that didn't occur in Africa, leaving its indigenous residents at their mercy. If there is a God, then the history of Africa is the story of God's most cruel joke on mankind.

Consequently, that is yet another reason why I don't believe in God. While I've already waxed philosophical on why I believe that God is a creation of man (and not the other way around), it is important to distinguish at this point, that the Christian God is most likely the engineering of white men which not surprisingly laid the foundation for racism in its more modern iterations. In fact, I still don't understand why there are any black people in the Mormon Church at all.

So why were black folks so easily indoctrinated?

The Inferiority Perception

The Battle of Isandlwana — Depending on who you talk to, you may hear half or all of this historical event.

If Europeans were able to carve up Africa so wantonly and indiscriminately, how then are we to argue for the adage that all men were created equal? It seems fair to suggest that winners are superior to losers. While there is a famous crushing defeat of a British army by an African Zulu tribe who were technologically inferior at the Battle of Isandlwana, the British eventually redoubled their efforts, and crushed the Zulu tribe in retaliation. Their villages were torched.

The history books written by Europeans would include the initial defeat of their own gun toting armies by 20,000 iron spear carrying, cow-hide shield toting Zulus, but also includes the fact that the Zulus were eventually crushed in the battles that followed. The African side of the same historical event would likely play up only the Zulu defeat of the British armies. The later annihilation would be largely played down. In fact, that's exactly how I was taught this story.

However, when you examine the hard cold facts, a perception starts to appear:

(17th Century)
Europeans Sub Saharan Africans
Phenotype Caucasoid Negroid
Government Monarchy
Dress Cotton clothing, leather boots Animal hide loin cloth
Armament Canons, rifles, pistols, swords Iron tipped spears, Cow Hide Shields
Housing Multi storied brick and mortar buildings Mud Thatch or Brick structures
Trade Money (Gold & Silver), government bonds, stocks Barter
Education Written Instruction Oral Traditions
Transport Horse & Carriage, Sea Faring Ships Foot and (occasionally) animals, Canoes
Diet Complex preparation with herbs and spices Fire roasted meat, starch and raw vegetables
Justice Court of Adjudication Tribal Code
Language Capable of expressing formal abstraction (as is used in Philosophy, religion & planning) Sufficient for tribal discourse and religious abstraction
...we could go on, but you get the idea.

With such a stark disparity in social and technological innovation as this, it is no small wonder then that black Africans are traditionally seen as inferior by other human societies. This is despite the fact that black people have repeatedly demonstrated their capacity for intellectual innovation (albeit, by the standards and distinctions denoted by Europeans). Let's be honest, there just aren't that many Europeans seeking Ph.D.'s at black African controlled universities.

The perception is so pervasive that some African Americans and Black Caribbean nationals living in Europe have traditionally viewed even the most successful among them with a great deal of contempt, citing their "house slave" status. One commenter on this blog has even gone as far as to repeatedly suggest that a black man in a suit is inescapably a "N*gger in a suit".

There might be some truth to this.

In modern day America, despite the struggles of the Civil Rights movement in the 1960's, the black man is still seen by descendants of his European counterparts as either a bumbling dolt, a violent animal or perhaps least derisively, only capable of great success if he or she has had some white ancestry. It would suggest that the black man is doomed to fail by his own DNA.

Any argument regarding the cognitive pliability of black people and their capacity for greatest is always perniciously counterpointed by the argument that black people are incapable of successful self governance without white intervention. The sad reality is that there are so many good examples of this that it is practically moot to even try to counterargue that point.

If you examine the list of the worst places in the world to visit, you should not be shocked at how frequently a country in Africa (or at the very least, one ruled by a black government) appears on the list. From countries stricken by abject poverty and social implosion, to others ruled by political despots who use the country's oil reserves to line their own bank accounts.

We could counter argue with the existence of people like Barack Obama. In fact, it should not come as a shock to you white folks reading this, just how significant Obama is to the black community — as it is one scantily populated with positive leadership role models. The only problem is that some people in the black community have been so successfully inoculated against their own success by white supremacist doctrine, that they would publicly denounce Barack Obama for one of his accomplishments; and I thought that was the job of white racists.

That brings me to my next point:

The Damaged Black Psychology

Black Panthers — The Black Answer to the KKK and the Neo Nazi Skin Heads.

No wonder there is such contempt for black people of fair complexion and mixed race couples. All kinds of inventive reasoning is conjured up to suggest that black people should not have romantic involvement with Caucasians. While this Jim Crow demagogy was invented by white supremacists, they have largely put such ideologies to rest (or swept them under the carpet).

The Civil Rights movement achieved that much.

However, because the imperial indoctrination of black people is so complete, now they have taken up the mantle and reinvented the reasoning to suit themselves. Where white folks have opposed interracial unions for risk of polluting the white race, many black folks now oppose interracial unions for reasons stretching from the possibility of inciting an identity crisis in their mixed race children, to those of losing their wealth to white women and thereby their families.

The damage to black minds is so pervasive, that there is now a recurring issue with respect to how black folks perceive themselves as it relates to the shade of their skin. Yes, that's right: Black people have become caught up with just how black they really are, pitting those with fairer skin complexions against those who are darker in complexion. When did this begin? It's as if black folks have replaced white people's superiority complex with their inferiority complex.

There is even an incident in the black community, where one child in particular was attacked by black students because he wasn't black enough. It's as if the poisoning of the black DNA was so potent during the days of slavery, that it fundamentally altered their DNA to reduce their capacity for intelligence. But even if white folks have profusely apologized for slavery, these kinds of occurrences only fuel the conspiracy theory that white people had intentionally sewed discord among black people with a view to keeping them disorganised and subjugated.

This is of course, a myth.

Whether these concerns have any validity or not is irrelevant. The point is that white people have developed a brilliant system where they can stifle their superiority complex under a thin film of political correctness, while black people have now developed an overwhelming urge to compensate for all the racism they never got an opportunity to exert themselves. Not only is it backward in its reasoning, but it makes it impossible to know when the situation gets better.

It's bad enough that black people are many times more likely to go to prison, to get the death sentence, to lose an appeal and be pulled over and harassed by police. That is likely more a function of being black as opposed to having a fairly higher level of testosterone. The word "black" is as inherently loaded as the sight of a black animal. So do what do black folks hope to achieve by fighting fire with fire? The result can only be one where there is even more fire.

That doesn't make much sense at all.

Then again, it is very hard to see through the scar of bitterness. Just as how white folks will never develop the kind of love for Muslims like they have for each other due to 9/11, black folks may never develop the kind of love for white folks like they have for each other due to slavery. It may take another 100 years to totally get over it. The effect of slavery is that deep. While white folks are tired of apologizing for slavery, Muslims feel the same way about 9/11.

End of Part II

The racial prejudice against black people is a terrible side effect of an essential necessity in nature: evolution. Nature doesn't particularly care that the black phenotype would be subject to the oppression of it's mutated descendants anymore than it does for the thousands of people who die in its many throes of indiscriminate petulance. In fact, in a previous post, I made it abundantly clear that nature is a bitch, and as a friend of mine aptly said on twitter:

Diana Bannister
Diana Bannister
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Not only is life a bitch, but she keeps having puppies!

What this ultimately means is that even if society changes, even if racism is outlawed in every country on the planet, racism is here to stay and is an inextricable and ubiquitous element of modern society. In fact, in the next instalment, I will ably demonstrate just how entrenched racism is. From politics to entertainment, racism pervades every facet of our human existence.

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  1. Thank You for this couple of points:

    Xenlogic Said:
    This is why members of other human phenotypes tend to have similar levels of development once they participate in the same environmental conditioning opportunities, even if massive performance gaps still persist.

    LoStranger Said:
    Be careful of what whites Publish they will always try to make us look inferior by putting out their bullshit statistics.

    Also remember anytime we were separated from whites we were able to break through our mental enslavement and progress just look at Black Wall Street (1921 it was destroyed by whites) just like everything we make for ourselves is ALWAYS destroyed by whites.

    This was while we were under Jim Crow separated from Caucasians. Furthermore Whites are able to poison us through their media and portraying blacks as intellectually inferior, (never underestimate the power of psychological warfare) criminals, lazy amongst other things like police brutality severe un-employment rates while projecting themselves as superior all this creates an inferiority complex (and we certainly have a bad one) within us and causes us to behave the way we do with our senseless self destruction.

    The ONLY way the Black man will be able to ever be free is when we we're in the absence of whites Asians and everybody else and this isn't even coming out of hatred for whites or Asians It's coming out of a observation that whites Asians and other races FEAR the black man rising up so they'll do anything they can to stop us from rising. The only time we can finally be free is when THEY are out of the picture and when we WANT them out of the picture. You'll be surprised how many black people see minorities as their "brothers" however this brotherly love is NOT reciprocated.

    Also it's not just slavery that Blacks are angry about its all the things that happened after and the racism that is STILL continuing to this day (Leo Muhammed Explains It)

  2. Xenlogic Said:

    In modern day America, despite the struggles of the Civil Rights movement in the 1960's, the black man is still seen by descendants of his European counterparts as either a bumbling dolt, a violent animal or perhaps least derisively, only capable of great success if he or she has had some white ancestry. It would suggest that the black man is doomed to fail by his own DNA.

    LoStranger Said:

    I always laugh at white people who think they did the black man a favor by entering Africa and "civilizing" us BULLSHIT!!! like I said in my other comment Blacks has always thrived in the ABSENCE of white people. As soon as whites and others come near us their mere presence fucks us up

    Consider this message from the highest rated comment on this vid.

    "Segregation is not about hating white people stupid dumb plantation negros, its about educating your own children instead of embracing a eurocentric curriculum which teaches young black youth lies about their history and identity. But like most plantation negros when the master kicks you off the plantation you run right back because being a slave is all you know."

    I completely agree it's truly a brilliant comment

  3. I want to respond to this paper, but before i do, i would like to ask the question, do you think that blacks are inferiority because traditional African society is far less complex than European society?

    Am an woman of ethiopian origin, I find this paper deeply upsetting?

    1. Hello Kenza,

      No I do not think that at all. That however, is the perception held by Europeans.

  4. Hey Xen,
    as usual great post...

    Check out this blog of a black American living in Japan..He recently published a book called "Hi my name is Loco and I'm racist"

  5. "and have been victims of the longest running human violation in history."

    and this pretty much details why I dnt trust any of them it truly takes a devil to not only engage in this behavior but also too justify it.