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Why Women Should (but probably won't) Rule The World (1 of 2)

Inequality is a necessity while equality is merely a pacifying concept.


Beyoncé wishes.

I could tell you why men rule the world, but then I'd just be insulting your intelligence. A more intriguing question to ask is, why is it that women don't rule the world? No, really. With all the power that they wield over men, why is it that women don't already rule the world? Men have ruled the world from the dawn of civilization. With all the amazing things that are going on for women, (education, equality, etc.). It's not exactly impossible is it? Well, you may be surprised.


Before we begin this epic quest to determine the answer to this intriguing question, I would first like to invite you to feast your eyes on this bit of pop culture. It is a popular music video featuring our intrepid black heroine Sasha Fierce ...err, I mean Beyoncé Knowles, hamming it up with sexy dance moves, along with a troupe of nameless, scantily clad females, chanting in call and response that apparently, "girls run the world". Huh. I must have missed that memo:

Ever since the women's liberation movement of the 1950's, we have truly seen the capacity for greatness that women can achieve. Since then, they have infiltrated just about every field traditionally dominated by men. I was surprised to see female physicists at CERN! But despite these advancements over the past century, there remain several reasons why women should have already ruled the world, but still haven't and probably won't. I've discussed the top ten:

10. They are very Educated

Educated women are all the rage these days. In fact, in universities across the world, women now number among the majority of all graduates. Never before in the history of the world has there been such an proliferation of educated women. Even though developing countries (even those ruled by theocracies) are still catching up, the ratio of educated women versus educated men is staggering. It's only a matter of time before they rule the world, right? Well, not quite.

Why Not?

Smart women are less likely to spread their DNA. It's really that simple. Studies show that the more educated a woman is, the less likely she will have children. Naturally, if she doesn't have children, she won't pass on her DNA. If she doesn't pass on her DNA, her natural brilliance will die with her, thereby permanently extinguishing herself from the gene pool. Only the smartest people rule the world. If smart women fail to pass on enough of their own DNA, then there will not be enough of them left at the top to make any serious inroads towards world domination.

09. They have successful careers

Super Women (from left to right, top to bottom): Meg Whitman (Hewlett Packard), Ginni Rommetty (IBM), Ursula Burns (Xerox), Indra Nooyi (Motorola), Irene Rosenfeld (Kraft Foods), Andrea Jung (Avon) all CEOs.

Name a career field traditionally dominated by men and you are guaranteed to find women there. There are female CEO's, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Scientists, Television Anchors, middle managers, construction workers, mechanics, entrepreneurs, lawyers, astronauts, surgeons, software engineers, soldiers, aeroplane pilots, even billionaires. It goes without saying that anything a man can do career-wise, it is safe to say that women can do it too. So you're probably thinking that this is enough for them to rule the world, right? Well, not exactly.

Why Not?

Career women are still expected to be feminine women at home. In seeking equality with men, women have unwittingly opened up a can of worms for themselves where their working husbands continue to maintain their role as the chief bread winner, leaving the domain of nurturing role primarily to the woman. The end result is that women slave all day at work (just like a man would), but still have to go home, make dinner and do the general home upkeep.

What ultimately happens is that the working woman becomes so taxed that she ultimately chooses between having children and maintaining her career path. Very few exceptional women manage to do both. Even if she doesn't opt to pass on her DNA, some career women who are managers at work forget to don the wife persona before going home to their men, ultimately treating him as a subordinate as well. Needless to say, this will kill the marriage.

Why is this significant? For all the reasons outlined in the first reason. A woman who doesn't pass on her DNA will annihilate herself from the gene pool. She will annihilate her charisma, her successful propensities and her charm. You can teach these qualities to a child through effective behavioural conditioning. However, unless the child already has all of these genetic predispositions, those teachings won't stick anymore than a post-it note will to a wet wall.

08. They are in STEM fields

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields are the key to the advancement of humanity. The old stereotype that women hate mathematics may have some truth to it, but you will find women who are mathematicians, doctors, biologists, physicists and engineers. They're out there and their numbers are growing steadily. Furthermore, women outperform men in STEM fields at the university level. So it's only a matter of time before we start to see a proliferation of female physics professors and robotics engineers at MIT, right? Well, not really.

Why Not?

The vast majority of women who have studied any STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields in university tend to migrate away from those fields in the working world. STEM fields are among the keys to greatness. Men currently dominate STEM fields (thanks in part to our trusty left brain reliance). Women are equally capable of performing in STEM fields and have already demonstrated this. The trouble is there aren't enough of them.

Women generally tend to outperform men at the university level because of the slightly more sophisticated memory architecture that is featured in their brain. The thing is, even if they do well in STEM subjects in university, they tend to stick to career choices that are considerably less cognitively demanding. The reasons for this are probably linked to cultural perception.

(Albeit, that's debatable).

Either way, the end result is that there are nany women graduating with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics degrees who for the most part stick to management, business or creative arts related positions. There are even cases with women who graduate with these advanced degrees start their own business. Again, they all fall into the same categories I just mentioned. Even if they don't, most of their businesses are never usually the types that could have pushed the envelopes of technology, or scientific discovery. Few female pioneers exist.

There are no female equivalents to people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, Jack Dorsey, Henry Ford, Dr. Michio Kaku and their like. There are however, women like Ariana Huffington, Mother Teresa, Dr. Jane Goodall, Margaret Thatcher, Emmeline Pankhurst, Susan B. Anthony, Dr. Grace Murray Hopper and a number of others. Can you see the difference? There's no shortage of great women. They're just rarely in STEM fields.

07. They Are Leaders

Women world leaders (from left to right, top to bottom): Angela Merkel (Germany), Helle Thorning-Schmidt (Denmark), Yingluck Shinawatra (Thailand), Portia Simpson-Miller (Jamaica), Kamla Persad-Bissessar (Trinidad), Laura Chinchilla (Costa Rica). All of these women were democratically elected.
All around the world, you will find more and more women assuming leadership roles. They're not just becoming business leaders, but world leaders as well. While the rate at which women fill leadership positions still wanes in comparison to men, that is not a deterrent to world domination. It only matters that women become leaders in strategic positions. It is only a matter of time before the United States inaugurate their first female president. But will that make a significant difference with respect to women's ability to rule the world? Probably not.

Why Not?

There are lots of great female leaders in the world. The thing is there aren't many of them (for reasons outlined in reason # 9). But that's not the only problem. Women often have to step outside of their feminine roles to be anywhere near the effective leaders that men traditionally are (for better or worse). The challenge with this is that it gets them unfairly labelled a "bitch".

So what? Bitches can be pretty effective, right? Well the issue is not so much that they have the propensity to be bitches (which is something of a double standard, since men are allowed to be assholes with impunity), but rather that bitches don't attract men as much as feminine women do. Most men would rather a sassy, happy, docile, feminine woman than one that barks orders like a man. Some feminized men may find this attractive, but they are rare and tend to quickly lose interest by the time they hit their mid forties and have a mid life crisis.

As a result, while the bitchy female could get pregnant (primarily due to failed relationships involving men who genuinely didn't know any better, or in vitro fertilization), she is not likely to have any grand children for reasons outlined in number 8 above. Even if she does get married, she tends to not have a lot of children (or any at all) for reason # 9 that I had outlined earlier.

Finally, even if the progeny issue doesn't become a problem, successful male leaders seem to be better able to transfer the leadership propensity to their progeny than successful women. Compare the successes of George H. W. Bush and his first son George with that of Margaret Thatcher and her son Mark. You will see the same kind of pattern repeated all over the world.

06. They are gaining equality with men

Female soldiers in the Australian army.

Ever since the Women Suffrage movement of the late 19th century, women have made many remarkable gains with respect to their civil rights. Thanks to women like Susan B. Anthony and her neophyte Emmeline Pankhurst, women now enjoy freedoms today that just over 100 years ago were unthinkable. These freedoms are responsible for the rapid rise of women in the annals of modern society that were once exclusive to men. It logically dictates therefore that a woman equal in rights to men is therefore equal even to powerful of men, right? Hardly.

Why Not?

Even with the closing pay gap between men and women and the emergence of many female entrepreneurs, women will never be treated with the same subconscious level of equality as their male counterparts, for all the same reasons that racism will never die. Any kind of social injustice rooted in biology is immutable. This will probably never change until the entire human race has completely mutated into another species entirely some 1 – 2 million years from now.

The truth is that there is no such thing as equality. It is a concept like "perfection" or "time" that is only a function of our imagination. If equality was intrinsic to biological species, then there would be no way for us as animals to procreate. Equality is biologically impossible to manifest in any species where there is male and female as it is evolutionarily annihilative to that species. That's really why inequality is a necessity, while equality is a pacifying concept.

Biology has determined that the man is physically superior to the woman. Therefore the root of every discussion on female equality will begin with this unspoken precedent. Therefore, no matter how much she succeeds, men will always see a woman as a target to be impregnated. Even when Hillary Clinton was running for president in 2008, men joked that she was a "boner killer". Yes, we will evolve cognitively, but that part of us won't change, because it's necessary.

No matter what their achievements, women are objects of sexual desire. Men will continue to objectify them so long as we need to get them pregnant to continue the human race. That's an absolutely immutable quality of being a human animal. The mere fact that Beyoncé et al are dancing in that video in scantily clad clothing is not only a true testament to that reality, but is simultaneously a monumental gaffe that ineffably renders her message as inextricably moot.

End of Part 1

There is a great deal of evidence that seems to suggest that ruling the world requires more than wishful thinking. While we fully appreciate the fact that Beyoncé's video was just a song (and songs have been pointless before, right?), it is the intrigue behind the concept that has really spurred this discussion. We're not done yet. Coming up next are the top 5 reasons why women should (but probably won't) rule the world. Some are obvious — others, not so much.

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  1. Women do rule: check out the demographics. In my son's lifetime, the big argument will be whether men ought to be permitted the franchize to vote. By then, women will be 65% of the poplation, after all.