Monday, May 13, 2013

Gun Control: The Paralyzing Price of American Freedom

America's biggest problem is that it fatally overvalues its freedom.


Guns. Guns! Everywhere. The news feed coming out of the freest country in the world is starting to read like a play by play for the war in Afghanistan. Why is there so much gun violence in America? At this point, there is no point in arguing against the right for law abiding citizens to own guns. Doing so would be pointless. Rather, this post seeks to highlight that America's biggest problem is not its guns. Guns are only a symptom of the actual problem.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Problem with Online Social Networking

Give humanity anonymity and see the true potential of its depravity.


We are repeatedly trying to simulate human behaviour online, with dramatic results.
Social networking has changed humanity forever. I began to realize this when I discovered a frightening trend in the news about how kids were killing themselves over things done online. Why would someone do that? I thought. That is when I decided to embark upon an ambitious social experiment two years ago to see the true depth of how social networking has changed the human animal. This post documents my findings in grave detail. Note well: you may find the contents of this post either deeply upsetting or deeply disturbing. You have been warned.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Problem with falling in Love

Our parents were incredibly naive about love.

How it typically begins always makes the inevitability of how it ends so much more perplexing and painful. Image ­© Copyright 2012 Tomasz Wagner, Mananetwork Wedding Photography. Used with permission.

There was once a person you would have moved heaven and earth for. He or she was all sorts of amazing.  Your only problem with this person is that all of the wonderful things that you once loved about them have inexplicably evaporated. You want to know something interesting? The factors that caused the evaporation were always there when you first met. It's just as you got to know them better, they became harder to ignore. It's like the intensity of the good things you loved about them have swapped places with the bad things. Familiar?

Then we need to talk.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Top Anticipated Films, 2013 Edition

The geek has inherited the earth.

This is going to be yet another bumper year for blockbuster comic book / science fiction films.

In 2012, I thought we were going to have an incredibly bumper year for tent pole pictures. As it turns out, my excitement was relatively short lived. Only two films truly delivered last year in my opinion. First was the under rated Chronicle (found footage drama of teens accidentally attaining super powers and learning to deal with it responsibly) and Marvel's The Avengers. The latter was a comic book blockbuster that went on to become the third highest grossing film of all time. It signals a trend in blockbusters over the last decade that continues for 2013.